integrate payments
embed links
seamlessly collect entry fees, donations, and direct payments
share a background you upload or select on Youtube
place links to merchandise, affiliates, resources, anywhere
select from presets, upload your pictures & videos, or use Youtube
seamlessly collect entry fees, donations, and other payments
links to your merchandise, resources, affiliates, and more
set the mood
integrate payments
embed links
How Web Immersion Works
pick a ruume
embed links
Offer a unique experience
  • Live without Ads
    Ads break the mood and frustrate viewers, in fact 85% skip them, resulting in no pay for you
  • Collect Micro Payments
    small $1 to $5 entry fees retain 90% of invitees and donations get a whopping 50% conversion
  • Embed Products & Resources
    place links anywhere in the background so viewers can access them without having to scroll or leave
  • Connect emotionally
    use backgrounds to set a mood and bring followers into your narrative
  • Sell Recordings
    record an event or private meeting, and automatically store it on Ruume for sale
  • Get Affiliate Commissions
    add affiliate links and get commission from Amazon, Etsy, and many more e-commerces
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