Ruume was designed for a superior visual & mental experience in virtual meetings while offering monetization and e-commerce features.
Goodbye boring meetings...
Hello Happy Ruume!

Ruume is Next Generation
Online Meetings

Powerful Features
immersive video calls

optimized for better mental health

easy screen sharing

easy call scheduling
enhanced privacy

integrated payment

embedded links

custom url
no extensions

no downloads


fully encrypted

How to Reach Us
Due to Ruume's overwhelming success we are responding to queries within 48h. Please use the contact page below.
Who we are
Ruume is led by astrophysicist turned entrepreneur Jean-Marc Perelmuter (CEO) and marketing and operations maven Alyssa Hansen (COO). Our team of developers and designers is small and mighty, distributed over 3 continents and based in Canada.

Our Core Values are simple: do good + make money.
This translates into free accounts to our state-of-the-art virtual meeting place, custom backgrounds designed to extinguish fatigue, integrated payments & donations, and more.

Ruume thanks the NVIDIA Inception Startup program and the AWS Startup program for their support and resources.