experience more
embed links to your books, merch, courses, info...
Embed links into the scene -to books, merchandise, info...
attendees can post animated emojis
chat with guests, post questions, see the transcript
easy intuitive screen sharing
turn Ai on to get the meeting summary
microphone On/Off
record, store, charge for viewing
invite participants or audience
end call
set payments & donations, avatar, ....
participants can post yellow sticky notes
guests click here to see your profile
features you'll love ❀️
πŸ¦„ customize
we can’t get enough of how fun customizing a ruume is. remember when individual backgrounds were a hit? with ruume, feel the power of entire customization, from ruume backgrounds to YouTube videos, avatars, and participant sizes, with more on the way.
πŸ“ˆ analytics
hosting an event? keep track of your ruume performance with stats that cover meeting length, questions, locations, and more. optimize for your next event with the learnings from your last.
πŸ”— embed links
embed links straight into your ruume. have a document, spreadsheet, or article to reference? no worries, keep the information you want to share easily accessible.
you don’t need a specific event subscription to gain access to q&a. have your attendees engage by asking questions.
πŸ’ better basics
don’t worry, we’ve got your basics, but better. record, screen share, animated emoji reactions, and chat; all included in the free plan.
πŸ’° monetize
start monetizing easier. set up a custom fee, each, for participants and attendees. reduce the reliance on pre-event registration and fees by creating a seamless experience for your attendees with payment upon entry.

want to leave it up to your guests? you can also ask for donations.

monetize further with ruume recordings post-event; you don’t miss out and neither will your audience.
✨ ai transcribe
transcribe ruumes for your attendees; after the meeting, an ai summary will be emailed to the host.
πŸ“’ sticky notes
add sticky notes into your ruume. have to quickly grab coffee from the kitchen? share a brb note. had a moment of inspiration? a thought about to fly on by? write a sticky note.
⛔️ dnd
set your ruume to do-not-disturb so other guests don’t accidentally walk-in ahead of schedule.
πŸ¦„ customize your meeting space; create an immersive space that reflects your brand.

✏️ edit in real-time; change the scene in an instant.

πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ eliminate fatigue; experience less visual and mental strain.

πŸ“ˆ get performance insights; on your meeting.

❀️ easy and fun; guests enjoy meeting on ruume.

πŸ”’ HIPAA compliant; safe and secure for all users.
the Ruume benefit
engage, brand, and monetize like never before.
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pick any background you want
add interactive links anywhere
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